I brainstormed, designed, and animated 3D animations for this Augmented Reality app project. The client, Indian Hills Community College, had these cubes printed as a promotional material. A QR code on the cube leads prospective students to download the app and see these graphics come to life.
As an intern for the Heartland International Film Festival, I developed this animated short using still graphics provided by the marketing team. I brainstormed the ideas for the motion graphics and executed them independently. 
This video is part of a series of promotional shorts that were a partnership between small business owners and the Small Business Development Center, a governmental organization that helps entrepreneurs succeed. In this video, meet Kristy Lombard and tour her delightful studio. Videographer and Producer: Jessica Brown. 
This animation reel showcases many of the shorts that I created for use in the IndyShorts International Film Festival marketing content.
I was given still graphics and then developed my own ideas for animating them.
This promotional video highlights the top-notch services provided by small business Anderson Florists. 
Filmed, edited, and produced by Jessica Brown. 
Visual interpretation of the Irish reel "Dot the Dragon's Eye" by Hanneke Cassel. Animated in Adobe After Effects. 
I do not own the rights to this music. It was used for an educational purpose. 
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