Demo reel including work as a videographer, editor, and animator, both independently and as a member of the WOUTV production crew. 
This video is part of a series of promotional shorts that were a partnership between small business owners and the Small Business Development Center, a governmental organization that helps entrepreneurs succeed. In this video, meet Kristy Lombard and tour her delightful studio. Videographer and Producer: Jessica Brown. 
An animated commercial created to advertise the IndyShorts International Film Festival hosted by Heartland Film. Motion design by Jessica Brown. Graphics by Heartland Film marketing team. 
This promotional video highlights the top-notch services provided by small business Anderson Florists. 
Filmed, edited, and produced by Jessica Brown. 
An introduction to gift shop Salty Raven and its owner Seasons Kaz Sparks. Filmed, edited, and produced by Jessica Brown.
"Little" is a collection of the small moments in life which ground us and give us perspective. Created by Jessica Brown. 
Highlights from the Why I Love WOU contest award ceremony. Filmed and edited by Jessica Brown under the direction of Deborah Rezell.
"Witness" is an experimental video about how to truly help those struggling with depression. Filmed, edited, and produced by Jessica Brown 
with acting by Brittany Figueroa and Erik Bourque. Official Selection at Gateway Film Festival 2019 - Forest Grove, OR.
Visual interpretation of the Irish reel "Dot the Dragon's Eye" by Hanneke Cassel. Animated in Adobe After Effects.
An interview with Marissa McCue, leader of the WOU Swing Dance Club. A project produced independently at WOUTV.
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