Who is Jessica Brown?

I care about using my skills to help people who are going through the toughest challenges in life. 
I strive to tell the untold stories, to bring to attention things that are often overlooked. And I love the amazing privilege of bringing a smile to someone's face, because I created something beautiful for them. 

I am a video editor and graphic artist based in Indianapolis. I studied Art & Design at Western Oregon University, earning my bachelor's degree with honors. I am continually developing my diverse skills in video production, animation, graphic design, and the Spanish language. While I specialize in motion graphic illustration for educational purposes, I love to create memorable experiences of all kinds through vivid graphics. 

I have worked with the Oregon Department of Energy on educational resources, with Heartland Film on animated commercials, and with Western Oregon University Athletics on TV commercials and highlight reels. Also, I am quite famous for the Blizzard creations I made during my stint at Dairy Queen.

I am energized by collaborative atmospheres, where I do my best work. I value suggestions and feedback from others, which are instrumental in developing a successful idea. I use high contrast and colorful visuals to draw in a viewer, while creating lasting interest through powerful storytelling and whimsical humor. 
My Resume
My Website Name

infinimorph /infene morf/ - inspired by the words Infinite and Metamorphosis. 
I made up this word to describe a spirit of curiosity, determination, and resourcefulness. 
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