Who is Jessica Brown?

She cares about developing lasting solutions for big problems. She strives to tell the untold stories, to bring to attention things that are often overlooked. And she loves the amazing privilege of bringing a smile to someone's face, because she's created something beautiful for them. 
Jessica is a video editor and motion graphic artist based on the Oregon Coast. She studied Art & Design at Western Oregon University, earning her bachelor's degree with honors. She is continually developing her diverse skills in video production, animation, graphic design, and the Spanish language. Jessica specializes in promoting small businesses through informative videos, and telling digital stories.
She has worked with the Oregon Department of Energy on educational resources, with AIGA Portland on digital advertising, and with Western Oregon University Athletics on TV commercials and highlight reels. Also, she is quite famous for the Blizzard creations she made while interning at Dairy Queen.
Jessica is energized by collaborative atmospheres, where she does her best work. She values suggestions and feedback from others, which she has seen are instrumental in developing a successful idea. She thrives as a supportive member of a lean (but effective) team. 
She uses high contrast and colorful visuals to draw in a viewer, while creating lasting interest through powerful storytelling and whimsical humor. Leaving someone with a thought that sticks with them is her ultimate goal. 
infinimorph /infene morf/ 
noun: one who is always creating, continually revising, and forever curious.
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